Michael Myers

Episode 10: Michael Myers

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Michael Myers

The Shape…Michael Myers

Michael Myers first appeared in John Carpenter’s classic horror movie Halloween in 1978. When we first meet Michael we are actually seeing through the child’s eyes. We’re not sure who this character is but it’s definitely creepy. He wanders through the house and picks up a clown mask and puts it on. We then see to those familiar plastic mask eye holes that we had back in the day.

Michael then goes through the house until he finds his sister Judith and methodically stabs her to death. He then wanders out of the house and his parents confront him and take off his mask. It’s then we see the child’s vacant face. This is the last time we will see Michael’s face.



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He is then institutionalized until one Halloween 15 years later he escapes Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to wreak terror on the town where he once lived. He has returned to kill his last remaining sibling, a girl who did not know she was related to Michael, Laurie Strode. They battle, but Michael, or as he’s referred to in the credits of the films, the Shape is more than a man. He is evil incarnate. He is unstoppable. In the end, Laurie and Dr. Loomis who was tracking Michael believe they have defeated him, but when they go to see his body…it’s gone. Michael is loose again.

There are several more Halloween films and Michael is the main baddie in all except Halloween III Season of the Witch. Now a lot of people cannot stand this installment, but I think it’s a fun standalone flick if you just don’t think of it as a Halloween movie.


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Check out this classic horror movie. It’s the perfect flick this Halloween weekend and is just super creepy!

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Through all the movies Michael just keeps coming back for more and is always “defeated” and that’s always been the creepy thing about Michael. There were no quips, no smiling, no anything. He always had on his mask and just moved, unstopping and just relentless. It always creeped me out. He is by far my favorite horror baddie. Just a few fun facts about the films, there were actually 6 people who played The Shape and the classic mask worn by Michael was actually an old Don Post mask of William Shatner, that’s right, James T. Kirk. The production did not have a huge budget so they pulled in a favor and got this Shatner mask at a good price.
And now that we’re talking about the budget Halloween was produced on a budget of $300,000 and grossed $47 million at the box office in the United States, and $70 million worldwide, this is equivalent to roughly $267 million as of 2016, making it one of the most profitable independent films.

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