Episode 06: Here’s Negan! Part 2

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Here’s Negan: Part 2

This week on The Superheroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show we’ll be continuing our multi-part series on the origin of The Walking Dead’s biggest baddie, Negan and his deadly friend, Lucille…Here’s Negan.

So a quick recap of Here’s Negan part one. We learn that Negan before the Zombie apocalypse was a high school P.E teacher, which totally cracked me up. He then curses out some students, his wife tells him he has cancer and then she collapses. Remember, these are only four pages.

So let’s’ pick up with issue 2 of Image Plus where we learn a little bit more about who Negan is and what made him the man we know and fear. And remember, this show will contain spoilers.

The story opens right where we left off. Negan’s wife is lying on the ground barely conscious. Negan bends over to help her and calls out for an onlooker to call 911.

The next page opens at a hospital where Negan is sitting at the bedside of his with, he looks visibly shaken. It’s strange to see a bit of humanity in the man we know from later issues and the TV show. Just then a doctor comes in and gives them the bad news, he doesn’t say it, but in the last panel we see Negan holding his crying wife. Again it’s strange to see Negan’s caring side.

The third page is just fantastic. We see Negan delivering a massive blow to a punching bag, then coaching some kids in gym class, then him lovingly walking his wife into the house, she holds him delicately. In the last panel we see him on top of a woman having sex. He does not look like his head is in the game. He is glancing sideways.

Page four is a bit of a gut punch. In the first panel we get a look at who Negan is having sex with…and it’s not his wife. Whaaaatttt? Negan then climbs off her and sits on the side of the bed and informs his mistress that his wife has cancer. And uhhh, that is it.

So what have we learned in Here’s Negan? He’s complex, yes, in reading the book you can tell this isn’t the governor. This man is dangerous because he can think, plan and make decisions, are they the best decisions, most of the time they are. Remember, he’s kept a lot of people alive for quite sometime. These four pages have really given me some insight into the character and as usual I cannot wait to read more.

Well I want to thank you for listening to this week’s episode of the heroes, villains and sidekicks show. We’ll have another installment of Here’s Negan next week here on the show.

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