Episode 45: Genesis

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This week on The Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show we’ll talking about the entity that changed everyone’s lives starting with Jesse Custer, I’m talking about Genesis. We only see him as a screaming baby head but Genesis is a new thing in creation with a power equal is not greater than Gods.

I struggled a bit whether to do an episode on Genesis first in the Preacher series or Jesse. In the end I went with Jesse and you can listen to that episode, it’s episode 41. But Genesis, even though we really don’t get a really good sense at a personality behind it, is what causes everything that gets set in motion in Preacher. So what do we know about the Genesis entity?
Genesis was created by Garth Ennis and the late great Steve Dillon for the 1984 Preacher series and he it appears in 16 episodes. Genesis was born in 1994 when a Seraphi angel, that’s one pretty high up in the ranks of Heaven got to know a demon in the biblical sense. He had been flying close to the outskirts of Heaven, she a succubus flying on the outskirts of Hell and they just started to flirt with each other I guess until one day their passions overcame them. They parted but when the Seraphi flew back to where they had sex he found that she conceived a child and when she went into labor the child that was born, was Genesis, a new thing in all creation. The Seraphi was cast out and Genesis was taken into custody by the angels. It was newly born, confused and not fully aware of it’s power so it was easily captured. We learn all of this from the Seraphi himself as he recounts his actions to Jesse while imprisoned by The Grail. See when he was cast from Heaven The Grail captured him and held him to learn what they could about God and future events. The Seraphi tells Jesse that Genesis has the power of God and that it knows all, and so Jesse, if he can tap into Genesis on a deeper level could know what genesis knows. Jesse also learns from the Seraphi that that he and the Demon got a little nudge from the big man himself. Yep, God himself let the two develop feelings for each other and fall in love. God wanted them to have sex and conceive a child that was on par power wise and importance as himself. Why? God is a super egomaniac who wanted something to love him, something equal to him that he couldn’t force into devotion. But when he realized that Genesis was all power, no reason or will of it’s own, God fled.

We never learn why Genesis picked Jesse Custer. Was he the closest man that Genesis sensed was righteous and had a strict moral code, or was it just dumb chance. We never know.


Now in the AMC show Preacher they handle Genesis coming to Earth a lot differently and I have to say I really love what they did on the show. On the show Genesis doesn’t just go right to Jesse, it inhabits several religious leaders who all get the power of the word, the ability to use the word of God to command people to do what they want. But here’s the thing, all of them explode. Yep, pop. The best one and the one that just made me bust out laughing was something that was just played almost off screen with news reports of Tom Cruise exploding at a scientologist meeting. It just cracked me up. Head over to the site, where I’ve added the clip. But in the show Genesis ends up in Jesses and the show starts with a bang. One other difference on the show is that we don’t see Genesis as a screaming baby head like in the comic, we only see waves or ripples of energy overtake the person it’s trying to inhabit.

Now if you were a reader of Vertigo titles back in the day you may have read another one of my favorite titles, Hellblazer. It’s an awesome title and it’s main character John Constantine is one of my all time favorite characters. I’ll be doing an episode on him for sure. Why I’m mentioning it is because there was some speculation at the time whether Genesis was a character that was actually born in that comic and made it’s way to Preacher. In Issue #60 of Hellblazer titled “Guys & Dolls Part Two: Nativity Infernal” written by Ennis himself John helps an Angel, Tali and a Demon, Ellie who come to him for help. See the Demon is pregnant with the Angels child and they are running from Heaven and Hell. When the Demon is giving birth 7 Angels appear and incinerate Tali on the spot. When the child is born the Angels take it and bring it to Heaven, to do with, we never find out. Now this sounds really familiar right. The image of the Angel and Demon in the Hellblazer issue even looks like the page in Preacher that shows the two having sex. But when someone asked Ennis in the letters section if Genesis was the baby from Hellblazer he said this, “Don’t let a dealer make you pay extra for a back issue of Hellblazer cause it contains the origin of Preacher’s Genesis…cause it don’t”.
I’m going to take the guy at his word, he wrote both comics, but wow, these characters and events seem really, really the same. But at the same time, why would he lie about it right. But take a look at the site. I put the page from Preacher and the page from Hellblazer up and like I said they look very similar.

Either way, I’m super anxious to see what they change about Genesis on the show. Will they give it more of a role, a personality? We’ll see.