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Episode 36: Lying Cat

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Lying Cat


On this episode of The Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show we’re going to be doing something a little different character wise. I’ll be talking about a sidekick, but that’s not the different part. The different part is that this sidekick isn’t human. It’s actually a hairless blue-grey space cat that who accompanies an intergalactic assassin who goes by the name, The Will. In this episode I promise not to tell a lie or else she’ll know it, Lying Cat is someone you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

Now you may have guessed it by just the name of the character, but Lying Cat is just that, a cat. She’s a large, blue-green cat about the size of a large tiger with spots that says only one word. LYING. That’s it. If you are in the presence of Lying Cat and you do not tell the truth she will erupt with the one word she speaks. Now some accounts say that for Lying Cat to know you’re lying, you have to believe it too. So if you truly believe what you are saying, to your core, she cannot detect it. And she doesn’t play favorites. If her partner The Will lies, she calls him on it.


Lying Cat is not alone, she’s actually a part of a race of giant felines that all have a hatred or distaste for liers. What little we know about Lying Cats’s background we know she was actually the runt of the litter and was shunned by her mother. You can see some cool images over at the site, But Lying Cat’s as a race also follow a code, a set of rules as to how they should behave in the world. We never have them spelled out to us but they involve who or what they can attack and under what circumstances. And of course their distaste of lying.


I’m really looking forward to learning more about this character, this episode is not super long just because they really haven’t given us a lot of background on her. But Lying Cat has become many readers favorite character. There’s something about her look and simplicity of function. You lie she calls you on it. You are a threat, she rips your throat out. But she’s sweet too. There is a character in the book, a six year old named Sophie, who was forced to be a sex worker on a pleasure planet. It was all very gross and disturbing, but don’t worry, The Will literally crushed her handlers head between his palms without blinking. But there’s this page, it’s on the site, she is safe, sitting in the sun with Lying Cat wrapped around her eyes closed and Sophie is saying things, statements. They are statements about her, like, “My name is sophie, I am six years old”, things like that and she’s smiling and happy. Then in the last panel she says, head turned and looking sad, “ I all dirty on the inside because I did bad things with…” Lying Cat interrupts, not opening her eyes. LYING. Such a powerful page. The whole books like that, if you haven’t given Saga a try yet, check it out. It’s fantastic, and I’m not lying. Yep. I said it.