Episode 34: Here’ Negan – Part 5: Issues 7-9

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Here’s Negan – Part 5:Issues 7-9

Created by: Robert Kirkman
Negan – First Apperance: The Walking Dead #100

This week on Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show we’ll be continuing our exploration into the origin of The Walking Dead’s biggest baddie, Negan and his deadly friend, Lucille in Part 5 of our “Here’s Negan” series where we’ll be covering issues 7-9 of Negan’s origin in Image Plus.

So I’ve saved up a bunch of issues of Image Plus, the monthly magazine where Kirkman is slowly dowling out Negan’s origin just 4 pages at a time. That’s right, remember, there’s only 4 pages per issue. So let’s get into issues 7-9 to see what Negan is up to.

So page one starts out with Negan and his new friend leaving the hospital where his wife just died and came back and everything hit the fan! Negan’s new friend had also just dispatched Negan’s wife and they are leaving the hospital.

Issue 7: Image Plus

On the first page we see them leaving with the boy telling Negan he just wants to go home, Negan tells him it’s a stupid idea as it will be almost impossible to there. After Negan makes a pretty mean comment, the boy say’s, “you’re not very nice are you” and Negan replies, “I traded in nice for funny a long time ago.” On page 2-3 Negan and the boy walk through the parking garage having of all things a talk about the boy’s sex life, giving him advice on how to win over women and how he should wait till he was ready to have sex. The kid was 13 and he is listening intently. They have some nice moments. They are bonding. On the last page a walker rages forward from between two cars and drags the boy to the ground and starts eating him, all before Negan can do a thing. In the last panel Negan just looks ahead and says, “F@#k.” So wow, in those four pages we have a little microcosm of the experiences of the comic and show. People get close and the week get taken quickly, at anytime and you’re powerless to stop it. Some really nice pages. As always I have plenty of artwork from the issue over at the site,


Issue 8: Image Plus

In issue eight, on page one we see Negan boarding up some windows, perhaps he’s going to stay there for the night, we then see him walking. In the last panel Negan syphoning gas when someone asks him what he thinks he’s doing. He turns to see a group of men demanding he hand over the gas, so they can take the car. In Negan fashion, he tells them exactly what they can go with the gas and then tells them that the gas won’t do them any good anyway. They wonder what he means and he says, well can anyone of you hotwire a car. They all look at each other. The answer is not said aloud, but it’s obvious. He tells them they should stick together and they all walk off together. It’s then, that Negan looks over his shoulder and sees one of the men i holding a bat, he says, “Nice bat.” So that’s the first time Negan and us, the reader sees the bat that will become Lucille. They are all walking and at one point someone asks him if he lost anyone and Negan’s response shouldn’t’ surprise us, but he tells them “nope, I’ve always been a loner.” He’s remaking himself as he moves through this new world. On page three Negan has a fairly graphic conversation where he compares his dick to a machine gun and says the word dick seven times. But on the last page we see them all around the fire. Negan is still talking about his dick when he stops, in the last panel, and says, “ What? To much dick talk.” But what they see is a mass of walkers directly behind him. It’s a great page because when Negan asks that question, we don’t need to see their faces, we just know how they must be looking at him.


Issue 9: Image Plus

Issue nine picks up moments after the last. The men are fighting for their lives with Negan shooting his way through the mass of walkers. In the last panel on page one Negan looks over his shoulder saying they could have told him the were surrounded, only to find that they are all zombie food. Negan still has several walkers he needs to attend to and he reaches for the closest weapon, yep, you guessed it, he picks up the bat. On page three we see Negan bashing a bunch of zombies. The last page shows Negan holding the bat smiling. We then see him walking away, the bat strapped into his backpack. Their adventure together just starting.


These were some interesting pages for sure. Negan making friends, leading, leading them, taking control, and of course the introduction of his favorite bashing stick, Lucille. And as always it’s so interesting to see how the character we know as Negan in the present developed. To see him after only a short while tells people he was always alone, to see he has what it takes to survive and to always do it was a smile and a F@#k.