Episode 33: BUG : The Forager

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Bug: The Forager


This week on The Heroes, Villains and Sidekicks Show we’ll be talking about a great character from the Fourth World that really didn’t show up in a lot of issues, but was a cool and fun character that really captured imaginations. We’ll be talking about BUG, The Forager.    

Forager was created in 1972 by the amazing Jack Kirby for DC comics in the pages of New Gods #9 as part of Kirby’s sprawling Fourth World Series. When Kirby went to DC he took a series he had been working on for sometime. The Fourth World was envisioned as an epic finite series that started with the titles, “Forever People”, Mister Miracle” and “The New Gods” and focused on the battle between good and evil. The good was represented by New Genesis lead by High Father and evil by Darkseid, ruler of Apocalypse.


Forager was born into what New Genesis thought of a lower class, he was part of a sentient insectoid species that lived under the surface of the planet. Like many species that are thought to be lower class they were not, they were incredibly intelligent, curious and brave. These insectoids were humanoid in appearance with distinctive insect features such as large eyes and antennae.

That brings us to Forager. He was born and looked for all intents and purposes like any humanoid on New Genesis. He had none of the characteristics of the bug class and was therefore seen to be a possible bridge between the insectoid class and the the gods of New Genesis. In his first appearance in New Gods #9 it is even alluded to that Forager may be more God then Bug.

So Forager has some neat abilities. Being of New Genesis and possibly part God Forager has a very long life span, superhuman strength and speed, expert fighting abilities and a superhuman leaping ability. In addition to his innate abilities carries a range of tools that include a shield, adhesive pads on his hands and feet so he can stick to walls and his go-to weapon, acid-pods which allow him to shoot streams of burning acid at his enemies.

Forager meets his unfortunate demise in the pages of the fantastic prestige series of the 1980’s Cosmic Odyssey that was written by Jim Starlin and drawn by the incredible Mike Mignola. Yep, Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy and that amazing group at the BPRD. The four issue prestige series is just beautiful. In the series Forager is killed saving Batman’s life and saves the earth from them embodiment of the Anti-Life Equation.

I wanted to talk about Forager on the show because DC announced that they will be using the character in a new title for their Young Animals line. I really dig all the titles in this new line. The Young Animals lie is curated and looked after by Gerard Way creator of The Umbrella Academy comics and lead singer of My Chemical Romance. The Young Animals titles include, “Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye”, “Shade: The Changing Girl”, “Doom Patrol”, “Mother Panic” and it’s latest “Bug!: The Adventures of Forager”  Just some really cool titles. I dig all these. They feel more like Vertigo titles than the Vertigo titles that are out there now. I’d have to say my favorite Young Animal title is Cave Carson and Mother Panic. But we’ll see when Bug comics out. It has the amazing creative team of artist Mike Allred and Laura Allred who does just some amazing colors. They do the new Silver Surfer title and are know for doing iZombie, X-Static and the character Madman, that they created. Love these two.

So we can look forward to what I can only imagine to be an extremely inventive and visually stunning look at this character created by Jack Kirby, one of the world’s greatest comic creators.