Episode 13: Here’s Negan – Part 3

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Here’s negan – part 3

These four pages pick up pretty much where we left off in the last issue. Negan is in bed with his mistress who is pretty upset that Negan told her about his wife having cancer. I’m sure it’s the whole, “I’m just here to sleep with you”, I want nothing to do with your private life idiot. But she also feels a little guilty I think because she yells, “It’s not my fault”. She then tell him it’s over and and that he is an A-hole. He say’s wow, it took you this long to figure that out. He is then left alone the last three panels and he looks quite sad, and then he says goodbye in the last panel. Kirkman is doing a great job here making us actually feel for Negan even though we can tell he’s pretty much a horrible human being. And part of its the art of Adlard, he is really killing these pages. The expressions on Negan’s face are just really moving.

Here's Negan

This next page is really the strange one and telling in how things are in Negan’s marriage. Negan’s wife is in bed asleep and Negan is crawling into bed after just breaking it off with his mistress. He apologizes to his wife for waking her and she says it’s fine, that she’d be up puking soon enough. He then tells her that he, “just broke it off”, his wife pauses and she says, “NOW.” So she knew the entire time, and not only did she know, but she asks why the hell did he end it now. Negan says it’s because he just wants her now, only her. She then says he made a mistake picking the sick one was stupid. But her face, it’s pained. It’s a really tough page.

On page three we see Negan trying to be the happy family man. He’s wheeling his wife out an asking if she wants to get some ice cream. The next panel is really interesting. For a couple reasons. One we have jumped in time. In the first panel his wife has hair, in the second she is wearing a bandana and has lost her hair. But the thing that really gets you in the pane is that she is feeding the birds on a park bench with Negan next to her. His head is in his hands and he’s weeping, in public with people all around him. And she says, “Stop it. Not here, You’re making a scene.”

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The last two panels show Negan at his wife’s bedside. They are in the hospital and he is sitting over her bed, holding her hand telling her she will pull through, that she can fight it and blaming himself for not being there for her.

The last panel is where it really hits the fan. A doctor breaks into the room and tells Negan his has to evacuate the room that the area is not safe. Negan of course tell him what he can do using some creative swearing skills and the doctor leaves the room telling him to save himself. Negan tn hen looks out the window and sees a car on fire a man running in terror and what appears to be a walking following after him.

So this was one of my favorite issues so far. We go so much on Negan here, I know it doesn’t seem it, four pages and all, but the interaction with his wife, that she knew and was being a pragmatist telling him he should have picked the well one, Negan crying in public, and more importantly, Negan has been almost oblivious to a growing and out of control zombie apocalypse. Sure, as we are seeing in Fear the Walking, the crap hit the fan fast when it does, but it’s a slow boil to that point. So on this last panel we see that the outbreak is in full force and he hasn’t noticed it. He was totally in, all in with his wife. He loved her till the end and paid attention to nothing else. It’s a great four pages and I can’t wait to the next four.