Kevin Volo

Host & Writer

Significant other, son, educator, instructional technologist, graphic designer, Comic book colorist and podcaster. I’ve collected comics since I was 10 and love to talk about the characters, stories and how they were created so I’m very excited to get to talk about them with you.

You can see some of my work at:


Judy Wolf

Writer & Editor

Adventurer, partner, stepmom, sister, friend, writer, life coach, educator, and world traveler. I discovered comics through Kevin, who invited me to a comic con and introduced me to artists’ alley – that magical place where creativity comes to life and all the best people hang out. Two of my favorite things about Kevin are his passion and creativity, which happily come together to shape this podcast and his other comic-related projects. It’s such a blast to be along for the ride!

You can learn more about me at